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Ride of the Kings with the presence of František and David Piškanin

We started the new year thematically

Colorful folk and horse colors, singing, music, local goodies and great wine. All this in the middle of a blooming spring - Ride of the Kings in Vlčnov is a magnificent show of the pure tradition of Moravian Slovakia. And HOPI has the honor to sponsor the event for a long time as a general partner.

The Ride of the Kings is an essential part of folk culture since time immemorial. But it is unique in Vlčnov, the most popular, and has over a hundred years of tradition. The festival attracts thousands of visitors each year and many of them return regularly. Mr. František Piškanin and David Piškanin also attended this year.

The Ride of Kings in Vlčnov has been listed on the UNESCO List as an intangible heritage of humanity since 2011.

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