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One person’s waste is another person‘s treasure

We started the new year thematically

This is doubly so for organic farmers. For us, fertilizer from the farm, such as manure and cattle slurry, are the only available source of nutrients for the soil. We therefore need to maximise the potential of slurry. Unfortunately, it is standard practice in agriculture to treat it in the same way as dairy farm waste, i.e. above all to be disposed of. Precision agriculture barely applies. But we said NO to such an approach!

From the spring of 2021, slurry will be spread on our fields and meadows using the most advanced technology available, in the form of a special applicator. It is equipped with a slurry trailing shoe with a width of 15 metres. Most notably, it features a built-in laboratory that continuously monitors the nutrient value of the applied slurry.

The liquid is thus no longer poured away or wasted, without any evaluation being made of it. From now on, the required nutrient amount per hectare of soil will be applied with absolute precision. A sensor constantly records the values of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and dry matter. Thanks to this globally unique system, the application of slurry is becoming as accurate and modern a fertilization method as the use of mineral fertilizers.

We are becoming pioneers of the latest technology and leading the way in organic farming. We are applying this technology as a pilot project in the Czech Republic. And you can be sure that our project will not be the only one. Throughout Western Europe, this technology is used widely, and becoming standard.

And here is a video to give you a better idea of what we are talking about.

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