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We started the new year thematically

HOPI HOLDING a.s. has successfully completed its six-month negotiations with PERFECT CANTEEN s.r.o. and acquired a 60% stake in the company on 23 March 2020. The agreement includes an option to increase the stake up to 85%. The founder of PERFECT CANTEEN s.r.o., renowned chef Filip Sajler, stays on as CEO. He will be responsible for strategic direction and service quality. The transaction provides PERFECT CANTEEN with the support of a strong Czech group, fostering its development and facilitating access to high quality fresh produce from farms based in the Czech Republic and abroad. For HOPI HOLDING, a player on the logistics, food and agriculture markets, a stake in PERFECT CANTEEN represents a perfect addition to the group’s portfolio.

“HOPI HOLDING includes the likes of Hollandia Karlovy Vary, AD FineDine, a producer of premium antipasti and deli products, organic farms Otročín and Bemagro and the unique HOPI CEE FISH HUB, which specializes in the logistics of super fresh fish and seafood in the CEE region. The acquisition of PERFECT CANTEEN is a first opportunity for the group to have a relationship with the end consumer,” says David Piškanin, member of HOPI HOLDING’s supervisory board. “Our objective is to support PERFECT CANTEEN on its mission to use innovation to transform corporate canteen services in the long run,” adds Piškanin.

PERFECT CANTEEN’s turnover exceeds CZK 300 million. The company was established in 2004 by Filip Sajler and Mirek Kotaška, with the aim of introducing fine dining quality to canteen services. They based their new concept on first-class ingredients and highly professional staff. The company’s 20 corporate canteens for top clients such as Avast, Generali/Česká pojišťovna, Kooperativa, Moneta, O2, Penta and Sazka testify to its success.

HOPI HOLDING a.s. is a family business active in the logistics, food and agriculture industries in six European countries. Its subsidiaries benefit from a stable support base, common values and the possibility to share services and information. The group places emphasis on the quality of life of its employees and an atmosphere of mutual trust. It supports a number of projects helping the local community.

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