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Corporate Culture

At HOPI HOLDING we invest a lot of energy into cultivating employee relationships. We organize many events that give us the opportunity to get to know each other better and to spend more time together outside of work.

An international drivers' competition HOPI Best Driver is held every three years. The second Saturday in September is when the annual international bike race HOPI CUP is happening. Every year, a strategic holding conference is held where some of our employees receive the HOPI Warrior award. TThe HOPI business team also has an annual conference and Hollandia is having a special event once a year called “Rural Ball”. Last but not least we celebrate the important company anniversary at the HOPI Celebration Ball.

However, there is never a dull moment at the HOPI HOLDING even in normal operation. For example in Hollandia every two months they go together to the cinema or theater. In logistics subsidiaries they are dedicated to sports so they have one day a week reserved for doing sports together.

The most interesting moments from HOPI life are recorded in HOPI EVENTS BOOK.

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